[SA Announcement] The public test has been opened

To Dear StoneAeon players:

The StoneAeon public beta is now open. Information about the public beta are as follows:

1. Who can participate in the public test?

Every character NFT Holder

2. If I were a SANFT Holder, what do I need to prepare in advance?

We will send the character NFT according to the number of SANFT held by SANFT Holder address, each SANFT corresponds to 1 character NFT, after the public test is opened, SANFT Holder can use the hold address to log in the game.

2.1. Adding PlatON Mainnet to MetaMask Tutorial

2.2. Import the address from ATON into MetaMask

3. On which platform can users play StoneAeon?

PC Browser or mobile device can be used

4. How do users enter the game?

Please click the public test link to enter the game after completing the above preparations.
Link to the public test: https://game.stoneaeon.io/

4.1. How to Mint character NFT?

Using Metamask mint StoneAeon Role NFT Mobile

Using Metamask mint StoneAeon Role NFT PC

5. Is there a introduction to the gameplay?

Gameplay Introduction (I) - SANFT

Gameplay Introduction (II) - Staking

Gameplay Introduction (III): Equipment and Pets

Gameplay Introduction (IV): MARKET

6. Where can I view the public test event?

Please click the following link to view the details of the events: