[SA Tutorials] Gameplay Introduction (I) - SANFT

1. About StoneAeon

Taking the Stone Age as the game background, StoneAeon presents a world that revolves around seven civilizations and races. Users can improve and exercise their characters by completing abundant missions in various scenes of “StoneAeon” and win corresponding resources and token rewards.

StoneAeon is a fully autonomous decentralized Game project where users can embark on an imaginative adventure and build unique creations in this prehistoric world. Relying on digitized variable NFT technology, StoneAeon creates the most realistic and ideal virtual digital assets for all users. SCGT, the core governance token of StoneAeon, not only brings users a free, equal community ecosystem & governance mechanisms but also creates a stable incentive model. Here, prudent investors can obtain continuous and risk-free fixed income by pledging, while aggressive investors can obtain higher risk and income through competition.

StoneAeon creates a self-evolving virtual world through well-designed game mechanisms. As users participate in different StoneAeon events, they also affect the development of civilizations in StoneAeon.

2. About SANFT

2.1. What is SANFT?

As a group of NFT assets based on StoneAeon, SANFT (StoneAeonNFT) is a symbol of VIP status. Holders of SANFT are regarded as partners of StoneAeon and will obtain the management right in the game and continue to receive the benefits from the project.

SANFTs are irreplaceable. Each SANFT is 100% unique, and each SANFT comes with a totem representing its own civilization. Only 8,128 NFTs have been minted, which makes them extremely valuable as collectibles and investment products.

SANFTs provide proof of ownership on the blockchain and are based on PRC-721.

2.2. SANFT Show

Each digital image asset of SANFT consists of 15 layers, and each layer has a total of 300+ parts, each of which is unique.

SANFTs will come in four different rarity levels: N, R, UR, and UUR. In particular, UUR is the rarest, with a supply of only 100.

3. Gameplay of SANFT

3.1. SANFT Display on Home

After selecting a character and entering Home, users will see a SANFT icon in the upper left corner:

Figure 3.1-1 SANFT icon

Figure 3.1-2 SANFT pop-up list

The SANFT icon specifies the user’s current computing power. In addition, after clicking on the icon (Figure 3.1.2), users will see a pop-up list of all SANFTs in their wallet address. Users can then select one of the SANFTs in the list to use it as their new SANFT icon.

Figure 3.1-3 The new SANFT icon

3.2. SANFT Display in BOX

Users can save and check the SANFTs in their Account through BOX.

Figure 3.2-1 SANFT display in BOX

igure 3.2-2 Check SANFT details in BOX

Users can also click on a SANFT to check the specific attributes, including SANFT ID and rarity level (Figure 3.2-2). While checking the detailed SANFT info, users can also tap the SELL button to transfer their SANFTs, which are bought/sold via MARKET in the game or other NFT trading platforms connected to the PlatON network.

Figure 3.2-3 Sell SANFT

3.3. SANFT Privileges: Free Characters

All users holding SANFTs will get free StoneAeon characters. To be more specific, SA characters (one free character per SANFT) will be distributed to the Account of SANFT holders at 20:00 on June 13, 2022 (Singapore time).
Users who received SA characters can log in to StoneAeon and click the Character List to check the character(s) they got.

Figure 3.3-1 Character List

3.4. SANFT Privileges: Receive More SCGT Rewards

SANFT holders can also win more SCGT rewards!

Each SANFT comes with a rarity level and the corresponding computing power: the rarer a SANFT is, the greater the computing power will be. Compared with other equipment in the game, SANFTs feature higher computing power!

In StoneAeon, from Monday to Friday, users can win SCGT rewards via the SCGT Giveaway Scene. Users will be able to join the giveaway event and win SCGT rewards every weekday. The specific rules are as follows:

  1. Users must log in to the game from Monday to Friday and enter the SCGT Giveaway Scene to participate in the giveaway event
  2. Duration: 12:00 Day 1 (UTC) - 12:00 Day 2
  3. The daily SCGT prize pool is fixed, and the specific SCGT reward distributed to individual users will depend on their computing power: characters with higher computing power will receive more SCGT rewards!
  4. Reward distribution: The SCGT rewards will be distributed pro rata at 12:00 (UTC) every day according to the proportion of a user’s computing power in the total computing power of all participants.

Users can find the SCGT giveaway Scene on the following pages:

Figure 3.4-1 In-game gateway of SCGT Giveaway

Figure 3.4-2 SCGT Giveaway page

Figure 3.4-3 Yesterday’s rewards

3.5. Trading SANFT in StoneAeon

Like other in-game NFT assets, SANFTs can also be traded in StoneAeon’s MARKET:

Figure 3.5-1 StoneAeon’s MARKET

  1. Sellers (SANFT holders):
    In BOX, users can click on a SANFT they’d to like sell and tap the SELL button on the pop-up window to set a price. Upon confirmation, the seller could then check his SANFT order through “YOUR ORDERS” in MARKET, while the SANFT would be available to buyers in MARKET.
  2. Buyers (users planning to buy SANFT):
    Users planning to buy SANFT can go to MARKET, tap the SANFT tab, select ALL, and then view all SANFTs available for sale. Next, buyers can select a SANFT they favor, select “PURCHASE”, and complete the deal. The purchased SANFT will be transferred to the buyer’s address and BOX.