[SA Event] Join StoneAeon’s Beta Events Now!

:star: Event I: Level Up for Incredible Rewards

  • Duration: 06:00 July 12, 2022 (UTC) to 06:00 August 12, 2022 (UTC)
  • Scope: All addresses that contain SA character(s) at the Settlement Date
  • Settlement Date: 06:00 August 12, 2022 (UTC)
  • Rules: During the event, users are encouraged to increase the computing power of their characters in StoneAeon according to the relevant rules. Upon the Settlement Date, users will be ranked by the combined computing power of all characters contained in their address and receive the corresponding event reward.
Computing Power Ranking Rewards
Top 1% Lucky Stones×50 + 50,000 SCGT
Top 1% - 5% Lucky Stones×25 + 10,000 SCGT
Top 5% - 20% Lucky Stones×15 + 5,000 SCGT
Top 20% - 35% Lucky Stones×10 + 2,000 SCGT
Top 35% - 50% Lucky Stones×5 + 1,000 SCGT
  • Exception: If the total reward exceeds 2 million SCGT, the corresponding prize pool will be allocated proportionally to addresses in the different ranges of the ranking, and all addresses within the range will share the SCGT reward in the prize pool.
Computing Power Ranking Ratio Allocated (2 million SCGT in total)
Top 1% 23.81%
Top 1%-5% 19.05%
Top 5%-20% 35.71%
Top 20%-35% 14.29%
Top 35%-50% 7.14%

The ranking range is calculated as follows:
If 1,000 addresses contain SA character(s) upon the Settlement Date, the top 1% would include the top 10 users, and users who rank 11th to 40th would fall within the top 1% - 5% range.
Where a user’s ranking is not an integer, the figure will be rounded up.

  • Duration: 06:00 July 12, 2022 (UTC) to 06:00 August 12, 2022 (UTC)
  • Scope: All StoneAeon users
  • Settlement Date: 06:00 August 12, 2022 (UTC)
  • Rules: Users who log in for at least 10 days during the event will receive rewards at the end of the event (which is subject to the address: if an address contains multiple characters, the rewards will be distributed according to the actual number of characters). The event features the following rewards:
SAET Lucky Stones
10,000 10

:star: Event III: Retweet & Make Lucky Draws

  • Duration: 06:00 July 12, 2022 (UTC) to 06:00 August 12, 2022 (UTC)
  • Scope: Everyone
  • Rules: During the event, participants who have followed StoneAeon on Twitter and retweeted (@ five friends) the designated post (to be released every two days) will win chances to draw the lottery, which features the following rewards:
NFT Chracter SCGT
1×5 users 8,888×10 users