[SA Tutorials] Gameplay Introduction (III): Equipment and Pets

1. About Equipment and Pets

In StoneAeon, characters will never disappear once they have been created. They will bear witness to the growth of StoneAeon and the evolution of civilizations. Each wallet address can own multiple characters in the StoneAeon world. These character NFTs can be transferred and traded between different users.

StoneAeon will randomly provide each character created with two free equipment NFTs and one free pet NFT, which will be worn on the character and sent to users together with the character. In other words, users will get one character NFT that features two free equipment NFTs and one free pet NFT.

StoneAeon features 50 genesis equipment (25 clothing & 25 weapons) and 25 genesis pets. The genesis equipment and pets will be randomly offered to each character when it is created. Of course, different equipment and pets come with different computing power, and whether users can get better equipment and pets is completely random.

To earn greater achievements and higher returns in StoneAeon, users must keep improving their characters’ computing power, which is determined by the combined computing power of the equipment and pets worn by the character:

A character’s computing power = (clothing’s computing power + weapon’s computing power + pet’s computing power) * (1 + a%)
Where a is the bonus coefficient, which ranges from 0% to 30%

Therefore, users have to keep on synthesizing and upgrading their equipment and pets to improve their level and computing power. Apart from that, they also have to install better equipment and pets (those with higher computing power) to their character.

1.1. Equipment

In Stone Aeon, equipment refers to clothing, weapons, and pets that can be worn and used by a character.
Wearing equipment is the primary means through which users improve a character’s computing power in StoneAeon. Different equipment comes with different attributes, as well as a varying range of computing power. Equipment attributes mainly include Name, Wearing Position, Level, Rarity, Computing Power, Suit, etc.

  • Wearing Positions: Equipment can now be worn in 3 parts, covering hands (weapons), body (clothing), and side (pets);
  • Levels: Equipment comes in nine levels, ranging from 1 to 9.
  • Rarity:
    Rarity is a major equipment feature. StoneAeon features five preset equipment rarities when it was created, including Common, Good, Excellent, Epic, and Legend. Rarity is the core factor that affects the computing power of equipment. Generally speaking, the rarer the equipment is, the higher the computing power will be. After Genesis of StoneAeon, users can keep on leveling up their equipment to improve its rarity, which will create more powerful equipment.
  • Suit:
    In StoneAeon, equipment is divided into suit equipment and non-suit equipment. A suit contains several pieces of equipment that share some common characteristics and belong to one series. Each piece of equipment, which may or may not belong to a suit, is a single equipment item. StoneAeon features three genesis suits, which contain (at random) some of the genesis equipment NFTs.
  • Integrated computing power of equipment
    Each piece of equipment comes with an integrated computing power, which is determined by such factors as the rarity, level, crafting materials, and equipment bonus attributes of the equipment. It is a comprehensive figure that combines various attributes of the equipment.

1.2. Pets

In StoneAeon, pets, like equipment, can also be worn by characters and are also a primary way for improving a character’s computing power. Different pets come with varying attributes, which mainly include: Name, Wearing Position, Level, Rarity, Computing Power, etc.

Pets are an independent development system in the StoneAeon world. Users can gain a certain sense of achievement and attribute enhancement by capturing and upgrading pets in the game world.

Users can upgrade their pet’s ability level through breeding and upgrading. The improvement of pet level will bring more attribute improvement and discovery of special skills, which will bring more battle advantages to the owner.

Pets are divided into different rarity levels, covering ordinary, very good, advanced, epic, and legendary.

Pets are also presented in the form of NFTs in the StoneAeon world, and users can complete the transaction and transfer of pets through the in-game trading system.

2. Wearing/Removing Equipment and Pets

2.1. Wearing Equipment and Pets

In StoneAeon, users can replace the equipment worn on their characters or install equipment to parts with no equipment. When first created, characters wear equipment by default. Once a character is created, users can replace the default equipment with new ones (equipment with higher computing power recommended!).

Equipment (replaced or worn) comes from the following channels:

  • Equipment purchased from an NFT marketplace (StoneAeon’s MARKET or a secondary marketplace)
  • New equipment obtained from EQUIPMENT MINING SCENE in StoneAeon;
    After a character changes or wears new equipment, its integrated computing power will also differ.

Note: Equipment NFTs and pet NFTs worn by staked characters cannot be replaced!

2.2. Removing Equipment and Pets

When characters are being created, StoneAeon will randomly select and present two equipment NFTs (e.g. clothing & weapons) and one pet NFT for each character from the 75 types of genesis equipment and install them in three parts of the character.

After a character is born, users can choose to remove the three equipment from the character NFT, which gives them multiple NFTs: one character NFT, two equipment NFTs, and one pet NFT.

Users can remove one piece of equipment or pet at a time. After the equipment is detached, its integrated computing power will decrease according to the computing power of the detached equipment/pet.

Note: Equipment NFTs and pet NFTs worn by staked characters cannot be replaced!

3. Upgrading equipment and pets

Upgrading equipment refers to synthesizing two equipment NFTs or pet NFTs of the same category and same level into one equipment NFT or pet NFT that is one level higher.

If a user has two identical equipment NFTs (the Position, Name, Rarity, and Level of the two equipment are the same), he can then upgrade the two equipment NFTs via synthesis and get an equipment NFT with the same Position, Name, and Rarity and a higher rarity level (+1).

As there are only nine rarity levels, the max rarity level for synthesis upgrading is also set at nine, and the equipment/pet can no longer be upgraded once they reach the max rarity level.

In StoneAeon, after the upgrade, the two low-level equipment NFTs will be burned, and only the upgraded equipment NFT will be retained. In this way, low-level equipment will be gradually replaced or even eliminated by high-level equipment, and there will be more high-level equipment, thereby enabling the equipment upgrade of the entire StoneAeon world to a certain extent.

In addition, if a user owns multiple low-level equipment or pets in BOX, he can sell them via MARKET or burn them via RECYCLE for a certain amount of SAET.

At the same time, the synthesis upgrade of equipment and pets in the StoneAeon world consumes a certain amount of SAET, which is calculated as follows:

SAET consumed for upgrading equipment = 2,000 * (1+(level-1)*10%)

In particular, 2,000 is the starting SAET consumption for the default level (1) upgrade, and level refers the current level.

SAET consumed for upgrading pets = 3,000 * (1+(level-1)*10%)

In particular, 3,000 is the starting SAET consumption for the default level (1) upgrade, and level refers the current level.

3.1. Synthesis Upgrade of Equipment

3.2. Breeding Upgrade of Pets

Similarly, the breeding upgrade of pets also involves three steps:

  • Choose two pets of the same category and same level for breeding upgrade

  • Breeding upgrades consumes a certain amount of SEAT, which requires approval and permission (if the permission has been granted, and if the approved amount remains sufficient, then no approval and permission will be required!)

  • Next, tap “Yes” and “CONFIRM” to approve the transaction required complete the breeding upgrade. Upon a successful upgrade, the original two pet NFTs will be burned, and the upgraded pet NFT with a higher LEVEL and greater computing power) will be directly added to BOX.