[Announcement] ATON1.1.9 update announcement (20221104)/ATON 1.1.9更新公告

ATON version update instructions

PlatON Mainnet PIP-10 is about to finish the voting on 2022.11.9, and PlatON will be upgraded to V1.3.0 after the voting is passed.

PlatON V1.3.0 adds the function of delegate locking, please refer to the description: [Announcement] Announcement and Instructions on PlatON's Governance Upgrade to Version 1.3.0

In order to adapt PlatON v1.3.0 version upgrade and support the new delegate logic, ATON has released v1.1.9 version.


Due to changes in the underlying logic of PlatON, all old users should make sure to complete the ATON 1.1.9 upgrade, otherwise once PlatON is upgraded to V1.3.0 on 2022.11.9, old versions of ATON will not be able to use the delegate function within the APP.
At some point in the future, ATON will open a mandatory upgrade of version 1.1.9. To avoid problems caused by the mandatory upgrade, please complete the update in advance.

Update Guide

**Note: For the security of your wallet, please make sure to complete a backup of your wallet private key before upgrading to the new version! **

Android users

Version number: V1.1.9

Veteran ATON users can download the update directly from within ATON by following the update prompts (GooglePlay channel requires access to the update within the app market).

New users open the PlatON website link: PlatON

Download the update via both [Android Download] and [GooglePlay]. **Please select the original version installation channel for the update when upgrading an older version. **

iOS users

Version number: V1.1.9

Search for “ATON Wallet” in the App Store after logging into your non-Mainland China Apple ID to find and download the update.

Due to the expiry date of Testflight, it is not recommended that you continue to download and install ATON via Testflight.

Risk Warning

Due to relevant policy factors, it is normal for some phones to have an application virus risk alert. For the safety of your assets, please make sure to back up all wallet private keys and mnemonics in ATON to prevent accidental uninstallation and deletion of ATON.




PlatON V1.3.0 增加了委托锁定的功能,详见说明:[Announcement] Announcement and Instructions on PlatON's Governance Upgrade to Version 1.3.0

为了适配PlatON v1.3.0版本升级,支持新的委托逻辑,ATON发布了V1.1.9版本。


由于PlatON 底层逻辑改动,请所有老用户务必完成ATON1.1.9升级,否则一旦在2022.11.9号PlatON升级到V1.3.0之后,旧版本ATON将无法使用APP内的委托功能。在未来某个时间点,ATON将开启1.1.9版本的强制升级,为避免强制升级带来问题,请提前完成更新。



【Android用户 】



新用户打开PlatON官网链接: https://www.platon.network/developer#aton


【iOS 用户 】


目前只支持非中国大陆区的App Store下载。登录非中国大陆区Apple ID后在App Store搜索「ATON Wallet」查找并下载更新。




Important Note

PlatON has been successfully upgraded to version 1.3.0.
ATON 1.1.9 has been adapted, the old version of ATON delegation function is no longer available, please upgrade to ATON 1.1.9 as soon as possible for new and old users.

ATON1.1.9 现已完成适配,旧版本ATON委托功能已不可用,请新老用户尽快升级到ATON1.1.9版本。