[Announcement] Announcement and Instructions on PlatON's Governance Upgrade to Version 1.3.0

Dear PlatON nodes,

PlatON mainnet plans to launch governance upgrade to Version 1.3.0 during the period from 11:00 on October 25, 2022 to 10:00 on November 9, 2022. This version adds the delegation locking mechanism and EVM to acquire chain ID, and the new chain ID 210425 will be returned.


After repeated discussions and arguments, PlatON’s delegation locking proposal is found reasonable and feasible. This upgrade is mainly about the implementation of the proposal. The second stage of PIP-7, the proposal of supporting the new chain ID, was implemented two months ago, and the third stage will be completed in this proposal.

New Features


The optimized content of Ethereum the version before v1.9.12 has been simultaneously updated in this upgrade.

Description of Effect

About Delegation

  1. After the delegation that has been taken into effect is revoked, the tokens do not immediately arrive at the account.

After the upgrade, tokens involved in the revoked delegation will be locked in 56 epoches (default value, which can be governed). After the lock-up period is over, the delegating user needs to actively initiate the “redemption” operation to get back his/her tokens.

  1. Tokens in the lock -up period can still be used for delegation.

The tokens used for delegation come in three types: the free amount (user’s balance), the amount in the lock-up period to be released, and the amount in the lock-up period.

  1. Tokens locked for another delegation still need to go through the hesitation period

The first epoch, after tokens in the lock-up period are re-delegated, is still the “hesitation period”. Only after the “hesitation period” is over can the delegation take effect. Delegations in the “hesitation period” will be locked after they are revoked, and the lock-up period will start over.

About Chain ID

The chain ID obtained by using Assemblychainid or block.chainid instruction in Solidity will be adjusted from 100 to 210425.

Applications that have used the above instructions in Solidity need to be re-adapt from the application layer to ensure normal operation.

Version Info

The version number of this upgrade: 1.3.0

Commit-ID: 0x123c5fd192f1d1c1b6cc9c14ae29e1d795825bccccc3cbe73dccb8c5b58a2858