NiftyIN 30 Days Global Show - Experience the diverse digital world randomly

NiftyIN 30 Days Global Show

Event slogan: Lands apart, sky shared. For the disciples of Buddha, to nurture good karma.

Event duration: May 18th to June 16th

Event content: NiftyIN will conduct a global exploration of the digital world during the event period. Every day, a random mysterious city will be discovered on the globe. 30 days, 30 cities, 30 different scenic locations. Whenever NiftyIN arrives in a city, NiftyIN will create a piece of artwork related to the city using MidJourney, including the following key information:

  • Local time

  • Local weather

  • City name

  • Artistic style

  • Artist

  • NiftyIN brand merchandise

NiftyIN will publicly release the series on official Twitter, Discord, and LatticeX forum every day at 12:00 UTC, accompanied by a prompt to engage everyone in secondary creation, accumulating materials for ongoing activities.

Digital City Examples

Generated randomly by ChatGPT

Local time: 11:41 AM, May 16, 2023 (Tuesday) (GMT+2)

Local weather: Cloudy

City name: Paris

Artist: Claude Monet

Artistic style: French art style

City Introduction: French art is renowned for its diversity, intricacy, and emphasis on aesthetics. From ancient Roman times to modern art movements, French art has achieved remarkable accomplishments in fields such as painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, and film. This includes artistic styles such as Baroque art, Rococo art, Impressionism, and Cubism.

As a cultural and artistic center, Paris attracts artists and creatives from around the world. It boasts numerous museums, art galleries, and cultural venues such as the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and Centre Pompidou, providing valuable opportunities for people to appreciate and study art. The streets, architecture, and cafes in Paris also serve as a source of inspiration for artists.

Generated by MidJourney

Simple Prompt: At 11:41 in the morning in Paris, the cloudy weather was still a bit cool, and the Eiffel Tower stood tall. Impressionist painting, created by Monet. --s 720 --v 5 --ar 16:9

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