Datum 0.4.0 Community Trial: Experience the New Model of Data Flow

Datum 0.4.0 Community Trial: Experience the New Model of Data Flow

Since its upgrade, Datum, PlatON’s privacy-preserving computation network, introduced Data Tokens and WLAT (payment tokens), allowing users to trade data usage rights and benefit from innovative, win-win data circulation. These new functions and models have sparked extensive user excitement.

Step by step, Datum, based on privacy-preserving computation and blockchain technology, will build a new model of data flow and value creation, as well as an innovative platform that turns data into assets and makes assets into a kind of data. Together, the model and the platform will give rise to an all-new service system that might reshape the operating and service model and even the ecosystem framework of the data industry.

To help community users quickly understand and experience the new product features, Datum start a one-month trial on June 30 2022, with awesome rewards for participants who have offered feedbacks.

About the event

The event will provide a trial environment where community users can try out Datum 0.4.0, allowing them to know the all-new process of issuing, buying, and using Data Tokens. Datum is also collecting user feedback and suggestions via the event.

You can state your feedback and suggestions under the event post or create a new post with the title [Datum 0.4.0 Feedback].

Your feedback/suggestions should focus on:
① Scenarios where Datum can achieve the capitalization of data;
② The kinds of data you wish to use by purchasing Data Tokens on Datum;
③ Proposals concerning the issuance and pricing of Data Tokens;
④ Feedback and improvement suggestions relating to Datum;
⑤ Other proposals.


The prize pool contains 50,000 LAT

How to qualify for the reward

  1. Participants should go through a complete business process. To be more specific, you should issue and list a Data Token, set the first price, buy a Data Token, use it for computation, and receive results. Additionally, participants should also specify their Metamask address used to complete the process when posting their feedback/suggestions in the forum.

  2. After the event ends, Datum will select feedback/suggestions that apply to the product’s future development or can improve the platform, and release them in the forum for community voting. All rewards will be based on the final voting results.


  1. The event is organized by six publicly-accessible, privacy-preserving computation network services. Participants may engage in the process once they log in to Datum. Click on the link below for the specific operations Datum-network Help Document (for Users)

  2. Participants can also deploy nodes themselves and access Datum to initiate the process. Click on the link below for the specific operations Datum-network Help Document (for Admins)

  3. Datum-platform has gone through a full upgrade. For more details about buying Data Tokens, the use and authorization of Data Tokens, and the process of computation execution, please refer to Datum-platform Help Document

  4. The project team provides five data sets (see the Datum-platform Help Document for the download address), and participants can also publish data sets themselves.

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