PlatON Launched the Reward Redemption System for All LAT Holders Get Involved in Galaxy Rally

Since the launch of New Baleyworld in early 2020, we completed several rounds of overall upgrades of PlatON network, security audits, tests, supporting tools along with the support of both partners and our community. Besides, with the supports from communities worldwide who we’ve collaborated with on hosting different events, and from the ambassadors located in North America, SEA, Korea, etc who are reponsible for helping PlatON extending global awareness, we are happy to see that our community has been enhanced to be a well-received and flourish community.

We PlatON team express our sincere gratitude to all partners and community members. Now PlatON meta network Alaya is announced, our eight-month New Baleyworld test net finished its mission. And we officially launch the reward redemption system, all LAT holders who won rewards from all events during PlatON Galaxy Rally can redeem their LAT rewards to equivalent aLAT , an ARC 20 token issued based on Alaya network that will be the credentials to redeem LAT rewards when PlatON main net is officially announced.

Reward redemption system :

Time and Date : Nov.5 to Dec.30, 2020

Who can redeem LAT rewards : all participants who won LAT rewards in all kinds of test and community events during PlatON Galaxy Rally

What should you do before redeeming LAT rewards?

  1. Upgrade your ATON wallet to be ATON 0.13.2 or above;

  2. Transfer the required amount of test LAT to the specific wallet address using the wallet address you sent to PlatON team for receiving rewards;

For the detailed user guide of LAT reward redemption system , please check: User Guide for LAT Reward Redemption

Plus, we also prepare extra community rewards for the LAT holders get involved in PlatON Galalaxy Rally:

Extra 0.2 ATP besides the equivalent 1 aLAT for every LAT you redem.

Just a kind reminder:

ATP works only as the metric for the calling of distributed infrastructure and services on Alaya network, and doesn’t have any initial prices. Like any other Utility token, ATP is meant to offer a measurable and institutional transaction cost of a distributed infrastructure. Alaya is the metric of trust.