Main content of finance

Main content of finance(PlatON)(TOPOS)

Finance, as a field, covers a wide range of content, including the following main aspects:
  1. Financial market: The financial market is a place for buying and selling financial assets, which can be divided into physical markets and financial markets. The physical market includes commodity markets and real estate markets, while the financial market includes stock markets, bond markets, currency markets, and derivatives markets.
  2. Financial institutions: Financial institutions are organizational structures specialized in financial business. It is mainly divided into banks, insurance companies, securities companies, fund management companies, and investment banks. Financial institutions provide services such as fund financing, risk management, and investment consulting.
  3. Financial products: Financial products are tools for financial market participants to invest and manage risks. Mainly including stocks, bonds, derivatives, funds, insurance, etc. The characteristics of financial products include liquidity, balancing risk and return, pricing, and trading.
  4. Financial management: Financial management includes internal operations and management of financial institutions, financial risk management, capital management, financial management, and other aspects. The goal of financial management is to ensure the profitability, stability, and compliance of financial institutions.
  5. Financial Policy and Regulation: Financial policy is formulated by the government or regulatory agencies with the aim of regulating financial markets and institutions, maintaining the stability of financial markets, and protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers. Financial regulatory agencies are responsible for supervising and regulating the operational behavior, risk management, and compliance of financial institutions.
  6. Financial theory and research: Financial theory and research are committed to revealing and understanding the operating mechanisms and laws of financial markets, financial institutions, and financial products. Financial research mainly includes fields such as financial economics, asset pricing, portfolio theory, and risk management.

The main content of finance covers financial markets, financial institutions, financial products, financial management, financial policies and regulation, as well as financial theory and research. These contents are interrelated and influential, together forming the basic knowledge system of the financial field.