Research object and significance

The Object and Significance of Financial Research(PlatON)(TOPOS)

The object of financial research is various aspects related to financial activities, such as financial markets, financial institutions, and financial systems. Financial research involves the operational mechanisms of financial markets, pricing and risk management of financial products, business models of financial institutions, and regulatory policies.

The significance of financial research lies in providing theoretical and empirical foundations to help understand and solve problems in the financial field, and providing reliable references for policy making, risk management, and investment decision-making. Specifically, the significance of financial research includes the following aspects:

  1. Theoretical contribution: Financial research provides a theoretical foundation and model framework for the development of the financial discipline, promoting academic research on important issues such as financial markets, financial institutions, and financial products.
  2. Policy guidance: Financial research provides feasibility analysis and policy recommendations for decision-makers, and provides scientific basis for formulating and adjusting financial regulatory policies, capital market reforms, and financial innovation.
  3. Risk management: Financial research helps identify and evaluate risks in the financial market, providing methods and tools for risk management and control to reduce the risk exposure of financial institutions and individuals, and maintain the stability of the financial system.
  4. Investment decision-making: Financial research helps investors understand the operating mechanisms of financial markets and the characteristics of financial products, providing investment portfolio construction and asset pricing models to increase investment returns and reduce investment risks.
  5. Economic growth: Financial research can reveal the impact mechanism of financial activities on economic growth, provide empirical research and economic models, and support economic growth theory and policies.

In summary, financial research explores issues in the financial field from an academic perspective, providing scientific basis for policy formulation, risk management, and investment decision-making through theoretical construction and empirical research, promoting the stability of financial markets and economic development.