PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper Officially Released

On September 21, PlatON, the Digital Public Infrastructure, announced the official launch of its application chain framework and released the “PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper”, aiming to establish a universal, reliable, standardized and flexible framework for various industries in the Web3 field. It provides more efficient, secure and reliable blockchain solutions with seamless integration capabilities. The application chain framework provides PlatON Application Chain Extension Protocol (PAEP), efficient consensus mechanisms, customizable development, security considerations, availability, as well as comprehensive application chain infrastructure and supporting toolset.

In PlatON’s application chain framework, PlatON acts as the root chain and serves as the witness layer, while the application chains act as the execution layer and independently package blocks and execute transactions. PlatON application chains will provide developers with flexibility and autonomy, committed to promoting innovation and meeting the needs of different industries and application areas, thereby facilitating the diversification and development of the blockchain ecosystem. It is understood that PlatON has already promoted application project cooperation in application areas such as games, AI large models, WEB3 accelerator, DePIN and so on.

Read the PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper: