Event Post 活动贴 Event Post | PlatON AppChain White Paper Interpretation and Hong Kong FinTech Week Ticket Benefits | PlatON AppChain白皮书解读 赠香港金融科技周门票福利

In the golden autumn of October, PlatON, a fully digitalized public infrastructure, announced the official launch of the application chain framework and released the “PlatON Application Chain Technology White Paper”. PlatON will participate in the Hong Kong FinTech Week and launch an event in the PlatON community to interpret the PlatON AppChain application chain white paper and give away tickets to the Hong Kong FinTech Week.

Read the PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper:https://www.platon.network/pdf/en/PlatON_AppChain_Technical_Whitepaper_EN.pdf

The first benefit: Interpret the white paper to win tickets and LAT

Write an article interpreting the PlatON AppChain white paper, publish it on public SNS platforms and PlatON forum with “#PlatON AppChain White Paper Interpretation” as the main title, no less than two thousand words.


[Popular Articles] The first and second place in terms of reading + commenting, reward: 1 ticket to the 2023 Hong Kong FinTech Week

[Foundation Selection] 1 article, reward: 1 ticket to the 2023 Hong Kong FinTech Week

The third to fifth place in terms of reading + commenting, reward: 10000 LAT

*Winners who do not need tickets can cash out at a value of $200

The second benefit: you ask me and answer, white paper review has a reward

Initiate questions on the “PlatON AppChain White Paper” and “AppChain Technical Framework” under this post, including but not limited to technical discussions, content explanations, model discussions, written content errors, and other extension issues related to the AppChain White Paper and AppChain Technical Framework. The technical team of the Foundation will answer the questions and be included in the award list, with no upper limit on the number of people.

Reply format: Reply to the activity post starting with #you ask me and answer, white paper review has a reward


Depending on the quality of the question, 500-5000 LAT will be awarded.

End: October 15, 2023

The list of event rewards will be announced on PlatON Twitter and forums.

The LattiecX Foundation reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign.

About Hong Kong FinTech Week

Hong Kong FinTech Week is Asia’s global fintech event presented by InvestHK, which is Asia’s premier fintech conference and exhibition, bringing together fintech entrepreneurs, financial executives, venture capitalists, regulators and fintech industry insiders.This year, Hong Kong Fintech Week will be organised on 30 Oct - 5 Nov 2023 in a hybrid format. Visit www.fintechweek.hk for more details.

正值金秋10月之际,全数字化公共基础设施 PlatON 宣布正式推出应用链框架,并发布了《PlatON应用链技术白皮书》。PlatON即将参展香港金融科技周,现于PlatON社区发起解读 PlatON AppChain应用链白皮书,赠送香港金融科技周的活动。

Read the PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper:https://www.platon.network/pdf/en/PlatON_AppChain_Technical_Whitepaper_EN.pdf

第一重福利:白皮书解读赢门票和 LAT

撰写PlatON AppChain白皮书解读文章,以“#PlatON AppChain 白皮书解读” 为主标题发布在PlatON论坛,不少于两千字。





在本帖下发起对“PlatON AppChain白皮书” 及“AppChain技术框架”的提问,包括但不限于AppChain白皮书及AppChain技术框架相关技术讨论,内容解释,模型探讨,书面内容错误及其他拓展问题。被收录的问题基金会技术团队会予以解答,并列入奖励名单,不设人数上限。

回复格式:以 #你问我答捉虫有奖 为开头回复活动贴即可


根据提问质量,奖励 500 - 5000 LAT。

2023 10 15



香港金融科技周是由投资推广署主办的亚洲全球金融科技盛事,是亚洲首屈一指的金融科技会议和展览,汇聚了金融科技企业家、金融高管、风险投资家、监管机构和金融科技业内人士。今年,香港金融科技周将于 2023 年 10 月 30 日至 11 月 5 日以混合形式举办。请访问 www.fintechweek.hk 了解更多详情。

  1. Customizable Blockchains: The PlatON AppChain’s white paper describes the idea of customizable blockchains. How do you think this flexibility can be utilized for specific use cases in various industries? Can you provide examples of industries where customizable blockchains could bring a significant change?

  2. Interoperability: Interoperability is a vital aspect of modern blockchain ecosystems. How do you think AppChain’s cross-chain communication approach can benefit the broader blockchain community?

  3. Consensus Mechanisms: The white paper outlines several consensus mechanisms supported by AppChain. Do you have a preference among these mechanisms for specific applications, and why? What trade-offs do you see in choosing one consensus mechanism over another?

  4. Use Cases: The white paper discusses use cases like supply chain management, DeFi, voting systems, and identity verification. Are there other industries or applications that you think can benefit significantly from AppChain’s capabilities?

  5. Challenges and Roadmap: What challenges do you see for the adoption and growth of AppChain, and how do you think these challenges can be addressed?

  6. Regulatory Considerations: Given the evolving regulatory landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, how important is it for AppChain to maintain regulatory compliance? What steps can be taken to navigate these challenges successfully?

  7. Impact on Blockchain Ecosystem: How do you envision AppChain’s impact on the broader blockchain ecosystem? Do you see it as a catalyst for innovation, a solution to existing blockchain limitations, or something else entirely?

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1. 跨合约原子操作怎么实现?

2. 实现多条应用链的组合之后会不会泄露信息?

3. 应用链的特征是可控,但其挑战又是安全性,这不会互相矛盾吗?

4. 为什么既说PlatON不存在可扩展性问题,又说PlatON是可扩展的应用链框架?


#you ask me and answer, white paper review has a reward

  1. What are the key differences between EVM-Compatible Chains, Independent Development Chains, and Chains Focusing on Specific Areas in the context of the diverse development of the public blockchain landscape?

  2. What are the three key challenges or limitations of Layer1 chains, as exemplified by Ethereum in the context of transaction fees, throughput, and time to finality?

  3. What is the major transition that the development of blockchain technology is undergoing as described in the passage, and how is it expected to impact the blockchain ecosystem in the coming decade?

  4. What are the key characteristics of application chains, and how do these characteristics distinguish them from Layer1 and Layer2 solutions in the blockchain ecosystem?

5.What are some of the opportunities that application chains offer to the blockchain ecosystem, and how do they address issues related to compatibility, high performance, specific technologies, and economic considerations for different types of applications?

@Kiki.Chen 你好,我想请问,时间已经过去15天了,距离这个活动已经结束半个月,奖励结果是不是应该宣布了?为什么一直没说?


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