NiftyIN & Plena Twitter Space AMA Content

NiftyIN & Plena Twitter Space AMA Content


Q1. Tell us about yourself and provide a detailed overview of your project, and what inspired your team to develop this web3 project.

Hello everyone, I am Ryan, the Operations Manager of NiftyIN. NiftyIN is a smart aggregation platform focusing on GameFi and NFT, NiftyIN provides development tools and API services required in turning game assets and artworks into NFTs, innovating GameFi features, and integrated operation, thus lowering the barrier to the Web3 space for Web2 players. While empowering GameFi project developers and NFT users, the platform offers new profit-making opportunities and reshapes the value of artworks and GameFi assets.

Q2. What is the core mission driving your project’s development?

Our core mission is to make a smart aggregation tool platform for the GameFi and NFT market, giving all kinds of development tools and API services for making game assets and artworks into NFTs, making new and fun ways to play and run blockchain games, making it easier for WEB2 to get into WEB3 field, boosting blockchain games and NFTs, and giving new money chances for people who join in, changing the worth of artworks and chain game stuff. Here we don’t just mean the old-fashioned artworks, we also hope to include human care and break the game with new modes.

Q3. What unique strengths does your project possess that give it an edge over competitors?

There are many core advantages of NiftyIN, let me tell you one by one:

NiftyIN Support multiple chains: NiftyIN supports many popular chains like Ethereum, PlatON, BNB, Polygon, etc. Users can choose their favorite chain to mint and trade NFTs, and enjoy the benefits of different chains, like low fees, high performance, high security, etc.

NiftyIN Support one-click minting: NiftyIN supports individual users to mint NFTs with one click, no need to write any code, just upload a picture or video, set royalty and price, and you can easily make your own NFT and show and sell it on the platform.

NiftyIN Support batch uploading: NiftyIN supports project parties to upload NFTs in batches, providing contract deployment and batch uploading tools, so that project parties can quickly create their own NFT collections and set functions like blind boxes, public sale/pre-sale, Mint price and NFT metadata, etc.

NiftyIN Support layer synthesis: NiftyIN supports project parties to synthesize NFTs with layers, providing a one-click solution for rarity random generation, so that project parties can generate different rarity NFTs based on different layers and attributes, and set VRF function to ensure randomness and fairness.

NiftyIN Support Web2 users: NiftyIN supports Web2 users to use NFTs, connecting UniPass wallet and Particle wallet, so that Web2 users can log in to NiftyIN with email or phone number and use Web3 functions. At the same time, it also connects to WalletConnect protocol, supporting mobile wallet scan code to log in to NiftyIN.

NiftyIN Support operation functions: NiftyIN supports project parties to operate NFTs, providing functions like airdrop, whitelist management, reserved quantity modification, etc., so that project parties can better promote and manage their NFT collections and increase user stickiness and activity.

NiftyIN Support exploration functions: NiftyIN supports users to explore NFTs, providing Mint Square minting square and My NFTs tab, so that users can find different NFT collections on the platform and view their own minted NFTs. At the same time, it also provides various search methods, so that users can filter and sort the NFTs they are interested in according to different conditions.

NiftyIN Support Mystery Box: NiftyIN allows project parties to link with NiftyIN platform, providing a blind box mall gameplay with multiple currencies and multiple chains as a new gameplay entry for partners, leading a new way of private domain traffic growth.

Q4. Could you share some notable achievements thus far, and what are your plans for the rest of this year?

We have connected with over 100+ partners in the past days, and offered three different smart multi-chain solutions and new product standards for the NFT industry. We have contributed over a million NFT assets to the blockchain network, and also helped many traditional game partners to cross over and become Web3 projects with our chain transformation support.

Looking forward to the Q4, we will combine recommendation system, privacy computing, secret payment, AI big model and new industry standards, and redefine the new method of NFT platform. You can always trust that NiftyIN’s determined to build Web3.

Q5. What are your perspectives on the concept of Account Abstraction and its relevance to your project?

In my understanding, account abstraction is a way that lets users customize their account logic and transaction format, and makes the blockchain more flexible and scalable. Account abstraction can solve some problems that the blockchain faces now, like high fees, low privacy protection, etc. Some time ago, I also learned about ERC4337, which is a standard based on account abstraction, that gives users a way to control their accounts without private keys, but by authorizing one or more proxy contracts to do their transactions. This way, users can enjoy lower costs, better security, simpler operations and more functions.

I think account abstraction and ERC4337 are very relevant to my project, because my project is a smart aggregation tool platform for the GameFi and NFT market, that need to give users efficient, safe and innovative payment services. By using account abstraction and ERC4337, I can let users use different tokens to mint and trade NFTs, without worrying about fees, compatibility or private key management issues. I can also let users use secret payment, privacy computing and other technologies to protect their NFT assets and data. I can also let users use recommendation system, AI big model and other technologies to find and create more valuable and meaningful NFTs.

Q6. How will Plena Connect enhance the user experience for your dApp?

By adding Plena Connect, Web2 users can get into Web3 without feeling it, and with Plena’s top-notch product design and tech setup in the world, it can make NiftyIN’s user experience better, and help more users to know and use NiftyIN.

Q7. How do you envision NFTs evolving to improve accessibility and inclusivity within the Web3 ecosystem?

I think NFT is a great way to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of the Web3 ecosystem. NFT is a unique and scarce digital asset that can represent anything from art, music, games, to identity, ownership, and rights. NFT can empower creators and users to have more control, freedom, and value over their digital creations and interactions. NFT can also enable more people to participate in the Web3 economy and culture, regardless of their background, location, or identity. NFT can also foster more diversity, creativity, and innovation in the Web3 space, as well as more social impact and environmental awareness. NFT is not just a trend or a hype, but a paradigm shift and a revolution in the digital world.

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