NiftyIN X MetaCene $250U & 100 AlphaTest Whitelist Giveaway

๐ŸŽ‰ Big Event Announcement ๐ŸŽ‰

:fire: @NiftyIN_NFT X @MetaCeneGame Jointly Launch Giveaway Super Benefit Event

:alarm_clock: 2023.7.26 17:00 UTC+8


:rocket: When you complete the above tasks, you can participate in the NiftyIN Mystery Box event the next day, and have a chance to win $250 USDT (PlatON) or MetaCene AlphaTest Whitelist, enjoy the first-hand game experience and multiple rewards, come and try your luck!

:open_book: The flow of activities this time is:

:blush: 1. The user first participates in the joint Gleam ( of NiftyIN X MetaCene;

:grinning: 2. After completing all the tasks, MetaCene will be eligible for the lucky draw in the NiftyIN Mystery box. The Mystery box draw will start on July 28, and we will send an announcement as soon as possible;

:wink: 3. Then draw the MetaCene game whitelist in the Mystery box, and wait for the game to start AlphaTest on July 31