In PlatON & NiftyIN Joint Mystery Box Carnival Season, Mint Valuable NFTs for Free!

NiftyIN, a smart aggregator that focuses on NFTs and GameFi across multiple blockchains, has reached strategic partnerships with next-gen Web3 wallet Bitizen, Twitter-based gaming and social platform TwiPlay, and GameFi projects SERAPH and Galactic Reborn. The collaboration has brought the four awesome projects to the NiftyIN Mystery Box Store, where they will release exclusive NFTs.

To enhance the payment experience and support the NiftyIN Mystery Box Store, the PlatON wallet Plugin now allows users to deposit and withdraw USDT/USDC on Polygon and BSC. Users who deposited more than 10 USDT or USDC for the first time, whether through Bridge or Alchemy, will receive a deposit reward of 500 LAT. This makes it convenient for USDT/USDC holders on Polygon and BSC to join the Mystery Box Store and earn amazing rewards.

In celebration of the partnership and as a gesture of gratitude to the community and users, PlatON and NiftyIN, together with Bitizen, TwiPlay, SERAPH, and Galactic Reborn, will kick off the “Mystery Box Carnival Season , 100% Winning Prizes” on July 2 at 12:00. During this event, the Mystery Mall will offer users five kinds of mystery boxes: Try Me, Free Mint, Love Games, and Shopping Day.

[Start Time] 12:00 on July 2, 2023 (UTC)

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[Content of the Mystery Boxes]

  1. Gift Cards

You can get JD Gift Card, Apple Store Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Steam Card, Razer Gold, and more, ranging from $5 to $20.

  1. Crypto Rewards

The Mystery Boxes also contain USDT, USDC, and LAT, and you can potentially win up to 1,000 $LAT/5USDT/5USDC.

  1. Rare NFT Collectibles

You can also get NFTs including Bitizen Star Pioneers x PlatON, TwiPlay exclusive NFT skins, Seraph Priority Pass, Galactic Reborn Astral Pass, and more (Free Mint is supported).

(1) Benefits of Bitizen Star Pioneers x PlatON

  • The NFT represents your achievements or involvement in Bitizen.

  • It is a digital credential for future Bitizen airdrops and rewards.

(2) Benefits of TwiPlay exclusive NFT skins.

  • Commemoration: the first NFT launched by PlatON.

  • The NFT avatars can be used in all TwiPlay games.

  • You will be eligible for TwiPlay airdrop rewards.

  • Priority purchasing rights for IDOs on PlatON.

(3) Benefits of Seraph Priority Pass

  • A distinctive badge in SERAPH Discord, access to an exclusive channel for insider updates, and direct communication with the SERAPH team.

  • Participate in the Elite Beta Test, ensuring early access to the game and the opportunity to shape its development.

  • A unique gift package upon the game’s official release.

  • More advantages and rewards along the way

(4) Benefits of Galactic Reborn Astral Pass

  • $GCR airdrop.

  • Exclusive collector’s shelf.

  • Special achievements in the game.

  • Whitelisting for NFT minting in the ecosystem.

  • Early insights into game development.

  • Opportunity to receive special in-game rewards.

[Rewards and Instructions]

  1. If you received a gift card, please visit TXNHUB for redemption. Instructions can be found at:

  2. If you won $LAT, $USDT, $USDC, or other cryptos, please check your Mint address, as the reward will be instantly transferred to the address.

  3. If you got Seraph Priority Pass or Galactic Reborn Astral Pass, we will take a snapshot of your wallet address and share it with SERAPH or Galactic Reborn, and the platform will whitelist your address.

  4. If you won TwiPlay exclusive NFT skins or Bitizen Star Pioneers x PlatON, we will take a snapshot of your wallet address and share it with TwiPlay or Bitizen, and the platform will airdrop the rewards to your Mint address.

Please note:

  • Seraph Priority Pass is deployed on Ethereum.

  • Galactic Reborn Astral Pass is deployed on Arbitrum.

  • TwiPlay exclusive NFT skins and Bitizen Star Pioneers x PlatON are deployed on PlatON.

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