NiftyIN v2.9.0 Version Update Announcement

NiftyIN v2.9.0 Version Update Announcement

Dear NiftyIN Fans:

We have completed a non-stop update on \color{tomato}\small\text{April 28th at 12:00 AM}.

The update includes:

[Page Update]

First, Added NFT carousel, click to enter Mint Square.

[Function Update]

First, Added the Mint Square casting plaza.

1. Users can explore all NFT collections published on NiftyIN in Mint Square.

2. Mint Square comes with two different search modes to make searching more convenient and efficient.

Second, My NFTs feature has been added, which allows users to view the list of already minted NFT collections.

1. Clicking on any minted collection will jump to the minting details where all contents can be viewed.

Thank you for your attention and support to NiftyIN. We will continue to refine our products, optimize details, and provide users with the best Web3.0 services.

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