Datum Network + GPT: Solving Data Privacy and Boosting AI Explosion"

Datum Network + GPT: Solving Data Privacy and Boosting AI Explosion"

"ChatGPT is taking the world by storm and capturing the attention of industries across the board, driving the entire tech sector higher.

Boldly predicting that 2023 will be the year of explosive growth for AI-based applications!

In order to keep up with the times, we recently tried ChatGPT for ourselves. During this experience, we found that ChatGPT was unable to provide valuable responses in many decision-making scenarios because of a lack of data.

The main reason for this is due to privacy and security issues, leading to the inability to share and utilize a lot of data currently.

As a fan of PlatON, this quickly led us to think of PlatON’s privacy-computing network, Datum!

Datum Network is a decentralized privacy data exchange platform, aimed at helping users effectively manage and utilize their data while protecting their privacy.

The combination of Datum Network and GPT can bring a more efficient, secure, private and flexible way of managing and utilizing data, providing new opportunities for data analysis and AI applications.

  • Data Privacy Protection: By using Datum Network, users can protect the privacy of their data, allowing them to control and utilize their own data, increasing its value. Meanwhile, GPT technology can quickly and accurately analyze and process data, providing richer information for data insights and decision-making.

  • AI applications: The use of GPT technology and Datum Network can provide a range of AI applications, such as investment decisions, advertising and marketing, genetic sequencing, and more.

With Datum Network, users or organizations can choose to share their data voluntarily and analyze it through GPT. Developers can provide services based on this data to obtain value, and users or organizations can receive corresponding value shares.

In general, the combination of Datum Network + GPT not only solves the issue of data privacy, but also provides more opportunities for data analysis and AI applications. This not only enhances the value of data but also brings new business and innovation opportunities. It is a highly promising direction that deserves attention and anticipation, and it is recommended that the project and community developers put effort into this direction.



但哪怕如此,Datum Network的数据储量相较于GPT-3所使用的数据,大概是很多倍吧。


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