NiftyIN x SpiritMaster's Christmas NFTs free mint Whitelist Event

As Christmas is around the corner, to give back to the community, Spirit Master, a GameFi project in the PlatON ecosystem has partnered up with NiftyIN to launch a Christmas campaign – drawing 500 Camp Sunshine Partner NFTs for a limited time!

  • Time: 12:00 December 20, 2022 - 12:00 December 25, 2022 (UTC)

  • How to participate:
    During the event, you can publish one NFT on NiftyIN through any blockchain network supported, including Ethereum, PlatON, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

  • Rules:
    At 12:00 (UTC) every day during the event, 100 free mints are released on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the order by which NFTs are released on NiftyIN that day.

We’ll post results in the Discord and Twitter communities every day. Stay tuned.

“Camp Sunshine Partner” NFT:

The minting price of “Camp Sunshine Partner” NFT, the genesis asset of Spirit Master, is equivalent to 100 USDT. It is the partner following the player in Spirit Master. It can fight with the player, enhance the player’s in-game stats, and gain more token rewards and income under the Play to Earn mode.

The NFTs to be issued are mainly S-class and SR-class in rarity, and there is a chance that the SSR-class NFTs will drop. To be specific, SR NFTs have special effects, SSR NFTs have dynamic and special effects, which are quite rare.

:star:Spirit Master Beta version will be launched in January 2023.Users who participate in the Mint NFT event will be qualified for testing.
:star:SpiritMaster’s NFTs can become partners in the game and help players win battles better
:star:NFT holder can establish their own guild in the game, recruit members to participate in Spiritmaster DAO, win high ecological rewards

:star:Advanced NFTs will be opened to staking and renting function afterwards
:star:All real-time operational activities are only open to NFT holders

About Spirit Master

Spirit Master is an open world MMORPG GameFi project free to play. It incorporates elements such as adventure, exploration, guild battle, rank, and dungeons.

There are two types of tokens in the game: the governance token SMR and gold coins. Gold coins can be used to create equipment, purchase daily consumables, and, under specific conditions, gain you NFT chests. The governance token SMR is mainly obtained through wild combats, rank, and large-scale group battles. Rewards will be directly distributed to the land owner and the guild leader and later to users for autonomy according to the reward re-distribution system.

About NiftyIN

As a smart aggregation platform focusing on GameFi and NFT, NiftyIN turns artworks and game assets into NFTs and provides innovative GameFi functionality and development tools and API services required for integration and operation. While lowering the barriers for Web2 projects to enter Web3 and empowering GameFi project developers and NFT users, the platform offers new profit-making opportunities and reshapes the value of artworks and GameFi assets.