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NiftyIN, a smart aggregation platform focusing on NFT & GameFi, officially launched its beta version on December 1, 2022. As the first smart tool platform built for art creators and blockchain game developers, NiftyIN allows users to turn artworks and game assets into NFTs. Besides, it provides a wide range of services, covering codeless NFT issuance and minting, tools for blockchain game development and operation, and more. While empowering blockchain game developers and NFT users, the platform offers participants new financial opportunities and reshapes the value of artworks and blockchain game assets.

To celebrate the launch of NiftyIN Beta, NiftyIN is rolling out a series of Genesis NFT events, covering Everyone is an Artist, Premium NFT Selection, Genesis PASS, Retweet to Draw Lottery, and Bug Bounty. Apart from “Fun to Mint” NFTs, NiftyIN users can also enjoy many other benefits on the platform.

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1. Everyone is an Artist

  • Duration: December 2 - December 12, 2022

  • Eligible participants: All NiftyIN users

  • Rules:
    During the event, all users can use NiftyIN’s NFT minting tool to publish one NFT on PlatON for free, and only the first 10,000 users who joined the event get to mint a free NFT. Note: Users who published a free NFT can sign up for the “Premium NFT Selection” program.

  • Acceptable submissions:

    • Size: 1200*1200 pixels (max)
    • Formats allowed: jpg, png, bmp, gif, webp, and tiff
    • Please do not publish any picture that contains objectionable content; users who submitted such inappropriate pictures will lose their qualification for Premium NFT Selection.

After logging in to NiftyIN with your Metamask wallet address, you will receive Gas from NiftyIN at 09:00 (UTC) the same day or the next day.

2. Premium NFT Selection

  • Duration: December 2 - December 15, 2022
  • Eligible participants: All NiftyIN users
  • Channel: NiftyIN Discord (Join Discord: NiftyIN)
  • Prize pool: 2,000 USDT
  • Rules:

All users who published an NFT on NiftyIN through any blockchain network can submit their Metamask wallet address (the address used for login) and the picture of their NFT to the Premium NFT Selection channel of NiftyIN on Discord, and NiftyIN users will select the Premium NFTs through voting on Discord.

All NiftyIN users on Discord can cast their votes during the event by adding a “thumbsup​:+1:” reaction to their favorite NFT, and the top 10 NFT creators (ranked by the number of “thumbsup​:+1:”) will win the following prizes:

Rank Prize
1 800 USDT
2 300 USDT
3 200 USDT
4-10 100 USDT per person
  • Ranking:
    We will count the number of thumbsup​:+1: of all messages in the channel on December 16, 2022 to rank the NFTs submitted. The rules of the final ranking are as follows:

    • The address used for submission is the user’s NiftyIN login address;
    • The picture posted is an NFT issued on NiftyIN by the user through his/her NiftyIN login address;
    • The picture contains no objectionable content.

After confirmation and screening, we will send the rewards to the NiftyIN login address of the top 10 NFT creators within seven working days.

Where two or more users received the same number of votes, their rankings will be determined according to the issuance date of their NFTs (users who minted their NFT earlier will get a higher ranking)

3. NiftyIN Genesis PASS

  • Duration: December 2 - December 12, 2022
  • Eligible participants: All NiftyIN users
  • Rules:

During the event, all users who minted an NFT on NiftyIN get to mint one NiftyIN Genesis Pass for free; the free NiftyIN Genesis Pass is available only to the first 10,000 users (based on the date of NFT issuance).

NiftyIN Genesis Pass, an NFT asset issued on Ethereum, represents the distinguished status of NiftyIN Genesis users. Users holding the NiftyIN Genesis Pass enjoy priority access to projects on NiftyIN, as well as other VIP privileges. For more information about NiftyIN Genesis Pass, please follow official announcements released in the NiftyIN community.

  • Reward distribution
    We will include the wallet address of all users who minted an NFT during the event in our whitelist on December 13, 2022; whitelist users will be able to mint NiftyIN Genesis Pass on December 20, 2022.

4. Retweet to Draw Lottery

  • Duration: December 2 - December 10, 2022
  • Sessions: There will be five sessions, which will be launched on the even-numbered days from December 2 to December 10
  • Prize pool: 1,000 USDT (200 USDT per session)
  • Rules:
    • Get registered with NiftyIN
    • Follow @NiftyIN_NFT on Twitter
    • Join NiftyIN Discord
    • Retweet the designated tweet & Tag 2 friends

Users who completed the above steps can join the lottery. 10 lucky users will be drawn during each session, and each user will receive 20 USDT. We will collect the wallet address of the lucky winners and distribute the prize within three working days.

5. Bug Bounty

  • Duration: December 2 – 20:00, December 12, 2022
  • Eligible participants: All NiftyIN users
  • Rules:
  • During the event, users can submit bugs by commenting under the designated bug submission post in the LatticeX Forum. After our developers confirmed the bug submitted and assessed its severity, users will receive the bounty corresponding to the severity level of the bug they submitted.
    • P0: 1,000 LAT
    • P1: 500 LAT

Bug post url:NiftyIN Beta Test Bug Bounty Post | NiftyIN Beta测试Bug收集帖

Please specify your wallet address in the comment.

  • Bounty distribution: The bounty will be sent to your wallet address before 20:00 on December 20.

If multiple users submitted the same bug, the corresponding bounty will be sent to the first user who submitted the bug.

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