How do deploy smart contract to Test Network?

Hello PlatON community,

It is my first time writing a smart contract. I’d like to deploy a basic smart contract to the PlatON Development network. As I understand, one can use Infura to deploy on the Rinkeby test net, but is there an equivalent for PlatON?

I am unclear about the correct settings to use in “truffle-config.js” for “platon-truffle migrate” for the dev 2 network. What is the host, port and network_id that I should be using?

I am using ubuntu.

Greatly appreciate any help.

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I think deploying smart contracts using PlatON-Truffle can be a little difficult for newcomers.

PlatON is already fully EVM compatible and I would recommend that you use the PlatON Network Connection Remix on Metamask to deploy smart contracts as it is easier with the graphical interface.

Here is a basic tutorial based on PRC721, in Chinese, which you can read using the online translator.

In Ubuntu PlatON-Truffle

host is your node ip addr or open node ip addr
port is 6789 [maybe another, because different node would use different port]
network_id is *