[SA Tutorials] SCGT Weekly Staking Pool Features and Rules Description

In StoneAeon games, from Monday to Friday, users can access this SCGT weekly Staking pool by staking SCGT and thus gaining access to the weekly SCGT airdrop, with the following rules and instructions.

  1. Weekly participation times:
    Every Sunday 12:00:00 UTC — Every Friday 12:00:00 UTC
    (Players can continuously participate in Stakings or redemptions during this time period, but after 12:00:00 UTC on Friday, the Staking pool will be locked, pending the settlement of the proceeds on Saturday!)

  2. SCGT’s Staking pool rules and process.
    There is no limit to the number of Stakings or the duration of the Staking during the validity period.
    When the proceeds from the Staking event are settled (i.e. Saturday), we will tally the Staking proceeds from the SCGTs of players who are currently still participating in the Staking pool (Note: any Stakings that have been participated in the period but have been redeemed before settlement will not be considered valid Stakings and will not be counted as proceeds!) The SCGT is then airdropped to the user’s wallet address every Monday.

  3. Rules for calculating returns.
    Staking proceeds = (number of SCGTs currently Staked / total number of SCGTs in the current weekly Staking pool) * total number of SCGTs airdropped this week


  • For weekly Staking pool airdrops, only SCGTs that are still Staked by the player at the time of settlement will be validly counted and the SCGT airdrops for the week will be awarded according to the percentage in the Staking pool.
  • During the weekend, SCGT Stakings and redemptions from the Staking pool are inoperable!