Application of Ambassador of PlatON Thailand - Heng

l 您个人情况的简要介绍
Hi, there, my name is Heng; I started my career as an architect and have been worked as a continuous entrepreneur since 2008. I ve got involved into quite a few business domains like architectural design, F&B, co-working space; i was connected to the TMT industry through the co-working business at 2013 and switched the direction toward blockchain at 2016, on 2017 me and my partners finalized our routine and officially launched our project, globally: a tool to tokenize the invisible Influence. During the operation, i acted as the co-founder and managing partner for south-east Asia business division, (highlights on Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia) until the end of 2019. Then, the Covid-19 reached us…

During the last 3 years, i ve been paid full attention to the development of the blockchainverse, since those infrastructural techs like NFT are getting more and more mature and been widely accepted. I realize its time to proceed something that cant be handled before…

l 您对PlatON使命和愿景的认知
I do appreciate the advance of the tech, yet, its always been the market who define the outcome. In another word, the number of users. My prospect is to develop the PlatON Ecosystem and users, within ASEAN countries range, especially in Thailand

l 您打算参与哪方面的大使工作
Government relationship: To acquire the endorsements and necessary support from the government department
Branding: To promote PlatON concept and applications to various entities like public affairs, companies and individuals
Content creation: To organize local KOL to join the broadcast of the PlatON
Communities: Based on branding and content creation, to develop more users into the whole ecosystem

l 您认为您可以成为一名合格的社区大使的原因,包括但不限于您所拥有的资源、您能够为PlatON社区成长提供的帮助等
Local government relationships, Local communities leader connections, cross-industry resource

Related Project experience and knowledge, Strong language skill and social skill, decades of experience and skills of planning, designing, and managing

l 您过往与社区大使工作相关的履历或者成果
Managing partner:
Acted as the co-founder and managing partner for a blockchain platform, established the south-east Asia business division, (highlights on Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia)

Chief Planner:
To plan large scale urban design project, Chief designer for Tourism destination region, to curate and organize massive event for blockchain product promotion

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