【SA Voting】Voting on Whether to Launch Beta Test This Week

Dear StoneAeon users:

Hi, dear StoneAeon users. Considering that some members of the community have expressed their concerns about the possible impact of recent market trends on StoneAeon, we are asking all SANFT Holders to vote on whether the beta test should be launched this week via SCGT transfers. Every SANFT Holder can transfer 0.001 SCGT to a voting address (launch/postpone) to exercise their governance rights (where an address contains multiple SANFTs, only one transfer should be made, and one SANFT represents one vote).

The SANFT Holder snapshot event, originally scheduled for 12:00(UTC) on June 13, has been postponed, and we will announce a new date according to the voting results.

For the result to be valid, the number of votes must be no less than 10% of the total supply of SANFT, i.e. 260 votes. If this criterion is not met, then the beta test will be launched within this week regardless of the final voting result.

Voting deadline: 6:00(UTC) on June 14, 2022

Voting address for starting the beta test this week:

Voting address for postponing the beta test: