[Announcement] ATON1.1.5/1.1.6 update announcement (20220520)/ATON 更新公告

[Announcement] ATON1.1.5 update announcement (20220520)/ATON 1.1.5更新公告

After PlatON mainnet is upgraded to V1.2.0, PlatON underlay is now compatible with dual ChainIDs (100 and 210425), see description: 【公告】PlatON网络v1.2.0升级公告及说明|[Announcement] Announcement and Instructions on PlatON's Governance Upgrade to Version 1.2.0

In order to adapt to the development path of PlatON mainnet and to be compatible with the transactions of the new chain IDs, this version will be updated with the following.

  • PlatON mainnet is compatible with the new chain ID:210425.
    Regular transactions such as transfers and delegations of ATON wallets will be submitted using the latest ChainID for signature.

  • Under PlatON mainnet, you can switch the ChainID in “My-Settings” and use the old ChainID:100 for signature by default.
    This function is mainly provided for users who use cold wallets and observed wallets for signature transactions under PlatON mainnet to ensure the chain IDs are consistent.
    If, the ChainID of the observed wallet (hot wallet) is switched to 210425, please upgrade the cold wallet ATON to the latest version and set the new ChainID at the same time in order to sign successfully.
    No need to switch in other scenarios.

  • Other bug issues fixed
    Fix the problem of loss of accuracy in transfer amount calculation for Android devices.
    Fixed the problem of " package parsing error" in Android 12 upgrade installation.

Legacy issue

Community feedback [iOS] Occasionally, after sending a lat, the transaction record is scampered to the erc20 page, and the status is confirming, resulting in other transactions reported “there are confirmed transactions, please try again after 5 minutes”.

Currently unable to reproduce the problem, welcome to encounter this problem friends, the first time to contact us (Telegram: Join Group Chat), thank you!

Update Notes.

Note: For the security of your wallet, please make sure to complete a backup of your wallet private key before upgrading to the new version!

Android users

Version number: V1.1.5

Veteran ATON users can download the update directly from within ATON by following the update prompts (GooglePlay channel requires access to the update within the app market).

New users open the PlatON website link: PlatON

Download the update via both [Android Download] and [GooglePlay]. **Please select the original version installation channel for the update when upgrading an older version. **

iOS users

Version number: V1.1.6

Search for “ATON Wallet” in the App Store after logging into your non-Mainland China Apple ID to find and download the update.

Due to the expiry date of Testflight, it is not recommended that you continue to download and install ATON via Testflight.

ATON Operation Guide

ATON Wallet User Manual | PlatON

Risk Warning

Due to relevant policy factors, it is normal for some phones to have an application virus risk alert. For the safety of your assets, please make sure to back up all wallet private keys and mnemonics in ATON to prevent accidental uninstallation and deletion of ATON.



PlatON主网升级到V1.2.0后,PlatON底层已兼容双链ID (100和210425),详见说明:【公告】PlatON网络v1.2.0升级公告及说明|[Announcement] Announcement and Instructions on PlatON's Governance Upgrade to Version 1.2.0


  • PlatON主网兼容新的链ID:210425。


  • PlatON主网下,支持在“我的-设置” 中切换链ID,默认使用旧链ID:100 进行签名。




  • 其他bug问题修复

    Android 机型转账金额计算精度损失问题修复。



当前无法复现,欢迎遇到这个问题的伙伴,第一时间联系我们(Telegram: Join Group Chat



【Android用户 】



新用户打开PlatON官网链接: https://www.platon.network/developer#aton


【iOS 用户 】


目前只支持非中国大陆区的App Store下载。登录非中国大陆区Apple ID后在App Store搜索「ATON Wallet」查找并下载更新。




https://devdocs.platon.network/docs/zh-CN/ATON-user-manual/ 2