【SA活動】日日投活動來襲! | [SA Events] Daily SCGT giveaway event are coming!


為了答謝用戶對StoneAeon的支持,我們計劃對所有SANFT Holder進行為期10天的日日投SCGT活動,總量800萬 SCGT,具體活動詳情如下:

參與資格:所有SANFT Holder

  • 日日投共計10天,每天80萬 SCGT
  • 活動期間,每天20點(新加坡時間)統計所有Holder地址,按照持有的SANFT數量瓜分80萬 SCGT



To give back to users for their support of Stone Aeon, we will launch a 10-day daily SCGT giveaway event for all SANFT holders, with a total of 8 million SCGT as rewards. The details are as follows:

Event time: May 5, 2022 - May 14, 2022
Eligibility: All SANFT holders
Event Rules:

  • The event lasts for 10 days, with 800,000 SCGT distributed per day
  • During the event, all holder addresses will share the 800,000 SCGT according to the proportion of their SANFT holdings at 12:00 (UTC) every day

Reward distribution: Rewards will be distributed to the holder address within 24 hours.

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