【Announcement】ATON1.1.1 (Android) update -ATON1.1.1版本(Android)更新公告

ATON version 1.1.1 (Android) update announcement

This version mainly fixes the online ATON version 1.1.0 issues that were fed back by the community, including:

1、Fix the problem that when upgrading ATON1.1.0 for Android user, the delegate button is not available in the node details, indicating that there is no available wallet.
2、Fix the problem that when the network is abnormal, there is a long time pendding status for claiming rewards and users cannot claim again in time.
3、Update Android Google play channel update method, jump to Google play app shop for update.

This version is for Android users only, IOS users do not need to update.

Update Notes.

**Note: For the security of your wallet, please make sure to complete a backup of your wallet private key before upgrading to the new version! **

Android users

Version number: V1.1.1

Veteran ATON users can download the update directly from within ATON by following the update prompts (GooglePlay channel requires access to the update within the app market).

New users open the PlatON website link: https://www.platon.network/en/developer#aton

Download the update via both [Android Download] and [GooglePlay]. **Please select the original version installation channel for the update when upgrading an older version. **

ATON Operation Guide


Risk Warning

Due to relevant policy factors, it is normal for some phones to have an application virus risk alert. For the safety of your assets, please make sure to back up all wallet private keys and mnemonics in ATON to prevent accidental uninstallation and deletion of ATON.



本版本主要修复了社区反馈的线上 ATON1.1.0 版本问题,包含:



3、更新Android Google play渠道更新方式,跳转到 Google play 应用商店进行更新。




【Android用户 】



新用户打开PlatON官网链接: https://www.platon.network/developer#aton



https://devdocs.platon.network/docs/zh-CN/ATON-user-manual/ 2