QianQian Community Node Commissioning Rules

QianQian Community Node Commissioning Rules

Since November 9, 2021, PlatON main network node, QianQian Community, has officially entered the range of active nodes and is currently ranked 201st.

The community team has made the following decisions after thorough and careful consideration.

First, the head mine incentive, the community node delegated reward allocation ratio is adjusted upward to 100%, and the head mine period is from November 9, 2021 to December 9, 2021.

Second, after the first mining period, every 168 block out cycle (about 21 days), downward adjustment of the community node commission incentive allocation ratio of 5%, until the commission incentive allocation ratio to 90%, lasting 336 block out cycle (about 42 days).

Third, from December 9, 2021, the entrusted QianQian community nodes in the form of NFT to the entrusted QianQian community nodes, issued community identity business cards, the global unique and unique identity name and content, and visible in the QianQian community series of applications.

Fourth, the NFT with a QianQian community identity business card will be the first to experience the community’s internal testing features, empowerment incentives, and enjoy the in-app principal identity authentication, with a higher weight DAO voting rights, and subsequent activities with other project parties incentives.

Fifth, after the reward down, the community node share of 5% (the first 168 out of the block cycle), 10% (the second 168 out of the block cycle) of the reward proceeds will be used for community application development, community infrastructure, community operations and other purposes, the community will set up a DAO committee, the principals will vote together to decide whether to spend.

Sixth, these rules take effect in a timely manner when they are published, the QianQian community reserves the right of final interpretation.

How to join the QianQian community
Welcome to add the shallow community assistant official WeChat: QianQianCommon, it will take you into the group.

Our community Telegram is https://t.me/joinchat/KK93ym8IH3ZlZmRl

Due to the limitations of the governance parameters, the upward adjustment from 90% to 100% of the commissioning bonus allocation percentage requires 10 block-out cycles, which is approximately 30 hours, so the community will temporarily increase it to 95% first and wait for ten cycles before increasing it again.

Meanwhile, the head mining period is extended by ten cycles, from November 11, 2021 to December 12, 2021.