[Announcement公告] Alaya Block Explorer 1.0.2 Update Announcement Alaya区块链浏览器1.0.2更新公告 (20210929)

[Announcement] Alaya Block Explorer 1.0.2 Update Announcement (20210929)

Main updates in this version:

  • Optimize the display of contract and contract transaction detail information
  • Optimize the validator node list fields
  • Added explanation of hot noun information
  • Added Foundation address display
  • UI and experience optimizations
  • Other known bug optimizations, etc.

Update time: 2021/9/29 14:30~17:00 (UTC+8), there may be access exceptions during the update period, please refresh or try again slightly, thank you.




  • 优化合约及合约交易详情信息展示
  • 优化验证节点列表字段
  • 新增热点名词信息解释
  • 新增基金会地址展示
  • UI和体验方面的优化
  • 其他已知bug优化等

更新时间2021/9/29 14:30~17:00(UTC+8),更新期间网站访问可能存在访问异常,请刷新或稍微重试,谢谢

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The Alaya Blockchain Explorer has been updated to version 1.0.2
Link: https://scan.alaya.network/
Welcome to visit, please try refreshing the page if you encounter any problems, thanks!