Send Transaction Error on Alaya Python SDK contract

I try to use the documentation code for the Python SDK on the ALAYA PYTHON GITHUB and I get the following error.

2021-08-02 12_19_00-Windowerror1

The code below:
2021-08-02 12_11_46-Windowcode

The code snippet:

from client_sdk_python import Web3, HTTPProvider
from client_sdk_python.eth import PlatON
from hexbytes import HexBytes

Connecting to a node using the HTTProvider uri and chainId

w3 = Web3(HTTPProvider(‘’), chain_id=201030)
platon = PlatON(w3)
address =‘atp1cl7kydvgfyvqsrg45xzmr4hdhxefdtkmnpul8p’


to =‘atp1zqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqr5jy24r’
w3.personal.unlockAccount(address, “password”, 999999)
data = {
“from”: address,
“to”: to,
“value”: 0x10909,
“gas”: 1000000,
“gasPrice”: 1000000000,
transaction_hex = HexBytes(platon.sendTransaction(data)).hex()
result = platon.waitForTransactionReceipt(transaction_hex)

It looks like the program requested the node’s Personal interface, but the node did not open it.

It looks that Alaya network doesn’t support Python SDK, but PlatON network support Python SDK.

Alaya networks have special adaptation python SDK, at github: AlayaNetwork/client-sdk-python

The personal_unlockaccout interface is used to unlock the local wallet file of the node, so the public RPC of Alaya network does not open this interface. It is recommended that you build your own node to access the Alaya development network. This is very simple, see: https:// alaya-devdocs/en/Join_the_dev_network/. If you are using Windows, you can also install the Ubuntu app in the Microsoft Store.