HttpProvider URL, Python SDK Alaya

Failed to obtain hrp automatically.

The following image below is the code snippet I have, It seems there is a problem connecting to the PlatON DevNet through the Python SDK
2021-07-15 02_16_06-PlatONnetwork_client-sdk-python_ A python interface for interacting with the Pla

I get this type of error message below when i try to use the code snippet.
2021-07-15 - client-sdk-python - Visual Studio Code
Please how can I get a usable url for it to work?

It seems that your address is wrong, the head of platonโ€™s address is โ€œlatโ€.

Used thesame code from the GitHub repo from the file
2021-07-15 03_16_06-PlatONnetwork_client-sdk-python_ A python interface for interacting with the Pla
Could it also be that a wrong address was used?
I also tried checking the connection using w3.isConnected() function, It is False.

Please change the w3 = Web3(HTTPProvider(โ€œhttp://localhost:6789โ€) to w3 = Web3(HTTPProvider(โ€œhttp://โ€), chain_id=210309)

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