SEND & RECEIVE! Share 10,000 LAT! PlatON organize the International Workers’ Day Celebration Campaign

Campaign time

Submission period: May 1, 0:00 to May 5, 24:00 (GMT+8)

Award verification period: May 6 to May 15

Award announcement period: May 16 to May 20

Award distribution time: May 30


During the campaign time period, all the LAT transfer that meets the requirements will be awarded to the address where the LAT is accepted. All winning addresses will share the 10,000 LAT prize.

HOW to Get the LAT ?

We have issued 0.427 LAT to all addresses that have won in previous campaigns (including LAT and aLAT). Look for them in the community!

Campaign Details

Make a transfer during the campaign time and the prize will be drawn based on the hash of the transfer transaction.


  1. The first transfer transaction received by the wallet address must take place between 0:00 on 1 May and 24:00 on 5 May(GMT+8)
  2. The transaction hash of the first transfer received at the wallet address, the fifth digit from left to right is the letter (a-f)

As shown in the picture below, the arrow pointing to “ f ” is the fifth digit of the transaction hash from left to right.

  1. Join PlatON telegram group:

  2. Follow PlatON Twitter:

  3. Fill in the google form and submit the following:

  • The hash of the transaction that meets the requirements
  • The address of the PlatON mainnet wallet (beginning with lat) that accepted the transfer
  • Screenshot of joining the PlatON Telegram group
  • Screenshot of following the Twitter
  • Your Email.
  • Telegram username
  • Twitter username

Each winning address matches one Twitter, Telegram or WeChat Username and only win once; multiple submissions are based on the first one.

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