Notice regarding the Transfer Error of ARC Token in Alaya Asset Cross-chain System

Dear PlatON fellows

We feel sorry to tell that a critical bug that would cause the transfer error of ARC20 token has been founded in Samurai 8.0.10. To fix it, please upgrade your Samurai to the latest version (Samurai 8.0.11).

In addition, Abank is about to upgrade, and the service would be suspended for seconds during the upgrade of Samurai. Sorry for any inconvenience we caused.

About the Transfer Error of ARC20 Token

When transferring ARC20 token using Samurai, click the edit button on the transaction confirmation page, there might be problems with the receiving address (“To” address).


First of all, back up your private key and keystore. Then, upgrade your Samurai to the latest version following:

  1. Launch Chrome, then input chrome://extensions/ and click “Enter” to enter into the Chrome extensions management page;

  2. Click the “Remove” button of the existing Samurai (Samurai 8.0.10) to delete it,

and click “Confirm” on the following dialog box;

  1. Download Samurai 8.0.11 via: , and then unzip it;

  2. Enable “Developer mode” on the top right corner of Chrome extensions page, and then click the unzipped extension to add Samurai 8.0.11;

Note: please make sure the uploaded extension is Samurai 8.0.11 after it is loaded successfully;

Compensation Proposal

As of the release of this announcement, if you lose your assets during ARC20 transfer due to this error, please send an email to with your:

  1. The receiving address you intended to transfer ARC20 token to;

  2. The transaction hash of ARC20 token transfer caused by the error;

We will make up for your loss after checking and confirmation.

Thanks very much for your support all the time, we will keep paying close attention to the performance of products and complete tests. Should you have any questions and problems on Alaya asset cross-chain and other products, please feel free to contact us. We sincerely welcome all suggestions on improvement, thanks!

PlatON Team