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We are thrilled to announce that our official forum has lived! This forum aims at building a bridge between PlatON Network and the all community members, to keep all members updated about all the movements of PlatON Network, and facilitates the communications between us, and the deep discussion on the construction on PlatON ecosystem.

Our official Chinese forum:

Our Official Global forum:

PlatON forum is an important part, and also the first section of LatticeX Foundation’s forum. More sections of LatticeX Foundation will be coming soon, building a comprehensive community for the distributed economies and privacy-preserving computation.

Currently, there are four parts of PlatON forum, namely, General, Development & Technologies, Validators, and News and Announcements.

General is the general section of PlatON forum, to broadcast all community campaigns of PlatON, and provide a platform for all community members to talk about and get quick feedback on PlatON, including but not limited PlatON Network, blockchain, privacy-preserving computation, data privacy, etc.

Development & Technologies facilitates the communication between developers and geeks worldwide, and also provides a platform for all developers and geeks to talk about and share in-depth views on the underlying development, application development and all kinds of supported tools.

Validators enables all PlatON validators to communicate freely, discuss and get support on the development and deployment, and share in-depth views on the economic model and governance mechanism.

News & Announcements keeps all PlatON community members updated on the first-hand info and news about PlatON. Please stay tuned!

All the four sections are all available in both PlatON Chinese forum and global forum, we sincerely welcome all topics, suggestions and improvement proposal for PlatON and this forum. We will keep improving and completing the forum and PlatON community accordingly.

Join us now!