PlatON Finished the Latest Upgrade and Verification of PlatON 0.13.1

Dear PlatON fellows,
On Aug.24, 2020, PlatON launched PlatON 0.13.1, the latest upgrade of PlatON new Baleyworld test net, and finished the verification as well. As the bookkeeping rules have been changed due to the adjustment of PlatON unstaking strategy, we have reset the whole chain during the upgrade of PlatON 0.13.1.

Upgrade details:
1.Canceled the forced unstaking policy but changed the node status instead for the zero block production;
2.Modified the default value of N, the basis to judge zero block production, from 3 to be 1, and the punishment reward from 0 block to be 250 blocks;
3.Package the special block (the 230th block in each consensus interval, and the last block of each settlement interval) according to the packaging logic of normal block;
4.Optimization of event coding format (modification of CDT and sdk only);
5.Modified an error of gas computing of ReturnContract external function in WASM smart contract (“add” changed to be “multi”);
6.Optimized the RLP coding of WASM smart contract, added the seed nodes and foundation nodes info of external functions included in the underlying chain, changed the IP of seed nodes and foundation nodes on test net to be domain name;
7.Fixed an issue that the governance interface of cross-contract call works under the circumstance that the gasPrice is not qualified.

If you have won LAT reward, please keep the ATON wallet address you registered before and the related private key. The ATON wallet address is the only credential to receive LAT.

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