All You Need to Know from the Upgrade of PlatON 0.13.0

Along with PlatON 0.13.0, PlatON supporting tools including MTool, PlatScan and ATON have been upgraded.

Below is a detailed instruction manual with release note, influence statement, reward inquiry and Q&A included to guide you to better get started with the latest version of PlatON.

Release Note of ATON:

  1. ATON 0.13.0 is upgraded with a whole new wallet address format using bech32 coding standard;

  2. ATON 0.13.0 supports the wallet file import with previous wallet format

Influence Statement:

The major difference between ATON 0.13.0 and ATON 0.12.0 is the wallet address format. The operation modes of ATON 0.13.0 and ATON 0.12.0 are exactly the same. For more details of ATON manual, please check:

Installation of ATON 0.13.0

If you’ve installed ATON 0.10.1 or 0.12.0, you can continue using it through overwrite installation. Under such circumstance, the previous wallet address format will be converted to the updated wallet address format automatically.

If you’ve installed ATON 0.10.1 or earlier version, please export your private key first, then uninstall ATON. After that, install ATON 0.13.0.

If your ATON version is earlier than 0.8.3, please upgrade it as soon as possible as we won’t provide maintenance service for ATON of which the version is earlier than 0.8.3. Besides, due to the upgrade of wallet address format, the previous wallet addresses are different from the upgraded ones.

Wallet Import

You can import your wallets with your mnemonical phase, private key and wallet file, and your wallet address format will be converted to the upgraded wallet address format after then.

Wallet Export

If you export your wallet file with ATON 0.13.0, you will find that the address field in the wallet file has been upgraded.

For example:

Previous address field: 0xc4bAA7d2ff0255839B1f1c5F2834Efe0B977469d

Upgraded address field:

“mainnet”: “ lat1cja205hlqf2c8xclr30jsd80uzuhw35al5kxsp”

“test net”: “ lax1cja205hlqf2c8xclr30jsd80uzuhw35as3yf7w”

The “mainnet” means the wallet address on PlatON main net, while “testnet” means the wallet address on PlatON test net. When PlatON main net is announced, ATON wallet will be compatible with both main net and test net.

Address Book

If you upgrade your ATON from 0.10.1 or 0.12.0 to 0.13.0, the previous address book will be cleared. Please add the new addresses with upgraded wallet address format, and save them to the address book.

Reward Inquiry

Please check your reward info via: with your valid ATON wallet address. Currently, wallet addresses of which the address formats are previous format (with prefix ox) and upgraded format (with prefix lax) can be used to check your reward info.


Q: How to download ATON?

A: Please visit PlatON official website: , and click Developer at the top of homepage. Then, move to the Resource part, you will find the download button of ATON for iOS and for Android.

Q: How to use ATON?

A: Please check the manual:

Q: How to Upgrade ATON to the latest version?

A: If you’ve installed ATON 0.10.1 or subsequent version, please upgrade it to ATON 0.13.0, then the previous wallet address will be converted to the upgraded wallet address automatically. If you’ve installed ATON 0.10.1 or earlier versions, please export your private key first, and uninstall ATON, then install ATON 0.13.0. Next, import your wallet addresses using your private key (rather than mnemonical phase). After that, your wallet addresses will be the upgraded wallet addresses.

Q: How to back up wallet and save the private key?

A: You can back up your wallet by backing up mnemonical phase, exporting private key or exporting wallet file. It will be safer to save the exported file and mnemonical phases to an offline environment.

Q: My LAT balance became 0 after the upgrade, how can I get my LAT back?

A: Currently, ATON is still in the test version, the LAT you get has no economic value and can’t be synced to the main net. If you lose some or all of your LAT, just apply it again from the faucet by clicking Community at the top of PlatON official website, and selecting Faucet from the drop-down menu to apply test LAT with your valid ATON wallet, email address and the verification code.

Q: I’ve won LAT as reward from the campaigns during PlatON Galaxy Rally, however I can’t find it in ATON wallet. Why? How can I check it?

A: ATON is still in the test version so far. However, the LAT reward you won from the campaigns are our native token which will be issued along with the announcement of our main net, thus, currently it won’t be displayed in your ATON wallet. You can check your reward info with your ATON wallet address via: